Print shop business is very lucrative

Print shop business is very lucrativePrinting machines are very valuable up to this day I have known this because I owned a print shop before. Even with the advent of online services still print ads is still a flourishing business. Anyway when I managed a print shop it was not that easy, managing several people as well as maintaining the overall production output was never easy. For example, some staff will just take their off without any permission; granted if it was an emergency it is easy, but if it is on purpose to take off, then there is a problem with the production. Aside from that all machines should be in the right condition all the time; it was good that I had a great team of machine operators that were dedicated with their works and they would immediately report to me all items needed by machines like thermoplastic machine handles, plates and many others. As I can remember print shop was a lucrative business it gives me a big return of investment my only reason of giving up the business is when my wife and I decided to transfer a new place and as we studied the location print shop was not feasible in our new area. We sold the share of the print shop business to our friend who was willing to continue the business.

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