I would visit my optometrist to change my lenses

I would visit my optometrist to change my lensesI am constantly suffering from headache these days and I totally blame it to my eyes because my lenses are more than a year now so I really need to change. Honestly I don’t have the time to go my optometrist because all my days are occupied with work. If not I’m with my family out of town. Though I have planned a day that I will visit my optometrists it always fails. Anyway I also have plan of changing my frame so I am searching online for the latest men’s frames from the most trusted brand. My current frame is Diesel, but it is getting out dated so I have to replace it once and for all. Maybe I should call my optometrist first for appointment so I will be forced to go the clinic.


  1. Maybe the grades of your eye’s is changing that’s why you got some headache, I always went to optometrist columbia sc everytime I change my lenses and for my eye care.

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