Kish Island

If you are American or British, then this might be a sensitive article. This post features a place, which is mandated by the US as well as other governments to avoid from entering. Iran is one place on earth which the US government prevents its people from doing a pleasure trip because of its bitter relations with Iran.

A friend of mine (name withheld upon request) on the web told me about a beautiful island in the Persian Gulf which she recently visited. The name of the island is Kish Island also known as the Pearl of the Persian Gulf. This place is a tourist spot not only for the local people in Iran, but also for tourist, this place doesn’t require any visa for 14 days of stay. Just like any other place Kish has many facilities where tourist can enjoy their stay, there are plenty of hotel that accommodates tourist 24/7, malls that sells local stuffs; carpets, etc., there are also many tourist attractions; Greek ship wreck, underground city as well as pristine white sand beaches. One can reach the island internationally by air alone. There are flights from UAE and Turkey on a daily basis so be sure to have a connecting flight.

Some advice though for people who wanted to visit the place. Bring plenty of cash with you because no cards are accepted in this place just like the rest of the country. You should study Farsi because people on the island don’t understand English; some hotels though have competent staff that speaks English. Women on the other hand are obliged to wear modest clothing a head scarf is also a must same is true for men, one should wear pants when walking the street. On summer season the weather can be very uncomfortable so it is not a good idea to go to the island on summer months. Finally, bring lots of money because one can never withdraw cash from any ATM machines.

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